Kabilé 2012 Tour

Here are some very enjoyable Kabilé videos online-

 Three songs from Kabilé's first show on this tour- a pravo, a trite puti and a video medley of a daichovo and a ruchenitsa.

 From a Kabilé party in Chicago in 2008. Starts with a great kopanitsa led by Yuliyan Yordanov. Paul Collins leads the next dance. Jatila can also be seen.

 A ruchenitsa from the band's opening show in 2010.

 Kabilé member Nikolay Doktorov's other band plays chichovoto at a party in Varna, Bulgaria.

 A nice pravo during a Kabilé show in the East Village, NYC, in 2010.

 A great fast ruchenitsa at Stanford Folkdancers in 2008.

 A wide variety of songs from a performance in Evanston IL in 2010.

 A pravo in Ashland Oregon in 2008, with fine singing by Ivan.

 The band performing at Mt. Holyoke College, Massachusetts, in 2008, with great singing by Donka and Ivan.

 Kabilé at the Barbes club (Brooklyn) in 2008 with great singing by Ivan.